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She immediately walks out, then comes back in and drags Pie out in the hallway.

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Jane confesses that Kim is the girl she has fallen for and uses Pie to get an introduction and thus begins her chase for Kim. Despite how hard Pie tries to ignore or discourage Kim, the two begin to intermingle when Kim cooks and shares with Pie and the two have a short conversation together.

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One day Kim receives a package from her father's worker and is told to deliver to Aunt In. She asks Pie to help her get there but Pie hurriedly turns her down and gives her fast directions before walking away. Night time falls and Kim is seen sitting near a lake, completely lost.

Pie finds her and offers her to take her to Aunt In but only as a thank you for the food. The two share a lollipop and Kim in a roundabout way, confesses her attraction to Pie. The latter does not reply but she is seen smiling. Because Pie has yet to accept that she may have feelings for Kim, and Kim is reluctant to confess, this triggers mutual jealousy and sadness. When P'van unexpectedly pops up at the school to take Pie out, she tries to turn him down but Jane comes along and invites herself and forces Kim and Pie to accept his offer.

During their time together, Pie gets visibly upset at how close Jane is to Kim and tries various times to either make Kim jealous or have them spend time alone. After a failed attempt, she and Jane leave for a moment where P'van talks about Pie's mother and her heavy dislike of homosexuals. He then goes on to say that Kim needs to leave Pie alone because Pie does not like her like that nor will she ever, and then taunts Kim by saying Pie would want the real thing versus silicone referring to sex. Angry, Kim storms off. When Pie and Jane return they ask for Kim but P'van says he doesn't know what happened.

Pie calls Kim several times throughout the time period and looks all over the mall for her.

Eventually she is seen at the dorm with an angry expression. Kim walks in with her hands full of bags, Pie begins to yell at her for leaving and Kim yells back that she had P'van anyway so it did not matter. Pie then yells at Kim for being too close to Jane but rather than announce it was jealousy, says she was disgusted by two girls together. This prompts Kim to dump her bags and leave the room. Regretful, Pie looks through the bags and finds a Jellyfish lap, something she told Kim she had wanted. She then grabs an umbrella and runs to find Kim. Eventually she finds Kim in a phone booth, soaking wet and shivering.

Upon finding her, Kim declares her love for Pie and that she knows though Pie will never love her, she will do so.

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  5. Pie then drops the umbrella and embraces Kim. After the confession, the two have their first kiss and begin a relationship together, unbeknownst to anyone. The happiness is short lived though as Pie's mother drops by the dorm. In a rush, Pie tells her mother to go use the restroom while she takes down photos of herself and Kim. Soon after, Pie and her mother sit on the bed and chat.

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    Kim, not knowing Pie's mother is there, walks into the room. I answered with sincere. That made Aom smiled and felt shy in same time. Why am I handsome? She is more beautiful than you think. She confirmed Tina was so beautiful.

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