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They make up a large proportion of our graduate students -- just walk around the campuses of Harvard, Columbia or Stanford or and you will see these incredibly attractive brown people all over the place. Which leads to point number two. Indian people tend to be really good looking.

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Most Indians are innately gracious, social creatures; they highly value friends and family and have a calendar filled with various holidays and occasions to celebrate, which they typically do with gusto. Those endless jubilant dance numbers in Bollywood movies pretty much channel the Indian soul.

Moreover, Indian men love to dance. If for no other reason other than you want someone to dance with you or without you for that matter , date an Indian. Ok, now that the stock for single Indians is up, you need to be on your game if you want to date one.


If you are Indian, you can skip the rest of this post and spend the next four minutes savoring your desirability. If you are not Indian, keep reading to learn seven things that should ingratiate you with them. The first five have to do with Bollywood. Indians take Bollywood and their celebrities very seriously. Two things you need to know about these initials. Two, you must have an opinion about him.

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He is a polarizing figure. Indians either love him or hate him. If you are pinched for time, you can simply claim SRK is your favorite and move on. But, if you want to take some initiative, I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with some Bollywood actors and choose a favorite. Some safe, attractive possibilities: I find Indian women often very attractive, and while I'm not planning to go to India to find a bride, I've heard that of all the Asian nationalities it's probably hardest for a foreign man to date an Indian or South Asian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani, and Sri Lankan, woman.

Their culture is more closed off, they're more traditional, their families often disapprove.

Religion is a big part of their lives, whether Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, so I don't know how they feel about inter-faith marriages. I would imagine it'd be more likely with a Christian or irreligious Indian woman. Or at least one who is only nominally Hindu. There are quite a few Indians here anyway, but I notice they tend to stick with their own 'kind' moreso than other groups.

The more Westernised ones however do often date whites and others. The situation in Singapore too is interesting, although didn't see too much mixing. Even in the UK though it seems that even if a British Indian woman wanted to be with a white British man her family might disapprove.

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From Eastern European men to Indian women. Generally speaking, I suppose I'd agree. The more traditional someone is, the harder it will be. Or, if they're not used to other people. I say go for it and give it a shoot. Try to find the right flavor before you settle. You're still a young Han. Don't buy the cow until you've tried the milk, as I like to say.

I saw this report from Pew on Asian Americans and Indians were the least likely to intermarry. Also the man and woman are given a chance to talk and understand each other. Once there is an agreement then an auspicious time is chosen for the wedding to take place. In recent years, with the onset of dating culture in India, arranged marriages have seen a marginal decrease, with prospective brides and grooms preferring to choose a spouse on their own and not necessarily only the one whom their parents find agreeable; this has been more pronounced in urban and suburban areas than rural regions.

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According to Hinduism there are eight different types of marriages. Not all have religious sanction. Wedding ceremonies can be expensive, and costs are typically borne by the parents. It is not uncommon for middle-or upper-class weddings to have a guest list of over people. Often, a live instrumental band plays. Vedic rituals are performed and the family and friends then bless the couple. Food is served to all the invitees with lots of delicacies.

The wedding celebrations can take up to one week depending on the practice in different parts of India. Historically the vedic marriage was but one of the few different types of Hindu marriage customs. Love marriage was also seen in historical Hindu literature and has been variously described by many names, such as Gandharva vivaha.

In certain poor vaishnav communities there is still a custom called kanthi-badal which is an exchange of bead-garlands as a very simplified form of ritual in solitude in front of an idol of Krishna, considered a form of acceptable love marriage. Elopement has also been described in old Hindu literature. Lord Krishna himself eloped with Rukmini on a horse chariot. It is written that Rukmini's father was going to marry her to Shishupal, against her wishes.

Rukimini sent a letter to Krishna informing of a place and time to pick her up.

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  5. The married Hindu women in different parts of India follow different customs. Mostly sindoor , mangalsutra and bangles are considered as signs of a married woman. In some places, in especially Eastern India , instead of mangalsutra they put only vermilion on the hair parting, wear a pair of conch bangles shankha , red bangles pala and an iron bangle on the left hand loha while their husband is alive.

    In southern India , a married woman may wear a necklace with a distinctive pendant called a thali and silver toe-rings. Both are put on her by the husband during the wedding ceremony.

    The pendant on the thali is custom-made and its design is different from family to family. Apart from this, the married woman also wears a red vermilion sindhoor dot on her forehead called kumkum and whenever possible flowers in her hair and bangles.